Favorite Things: My Wedding Forms

Hey There! I thought I would start a little series of my Favorite things.  This is more so going to be for the other photographers out there.   My first item is crucial to my Wedding workflow.

It is my Forms!  My contract, questionnaires, shot list, etc.

I personally use the Forms provided by Design Aglow.   I don't know if I can sing the praises of Design Aglow nearly enough.  Everything is clean, beautiful, well written and really polishes my image.   I did choose to have my contracts reviewed to insure that all clauses will apply in my operating state.  This is a step you should make sure you follow through on.  No contract, no matter how well written should be taken for face value.  It should be reviewed by your lawyer.  Protect You, Protect Your Client!

I am a big fan of going "Paperless", so I use my forms either as interactive PDFs, or I also have a Mach Forms account where I set up the forms to be filled out directly from here on the website.  The only bad thing about the Mach Forms, is you can't see how pretty they are! LOL

My clients have reported back how they love that the questionnaires are so thorough, and that the contract didn't leave them guessing about policies and procedures.  I advise everyone of you to take a look at these and I highly recommend implementing them into your own business!

You can click any of the images to check the items out for yourself on the Design Aglow website!



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