Cinematic Love


When your Love Story begins with THIS proposal,  you have no choice but to make things epic!     Tony and Michelle's wedding was red carpet worthy in Cape Coral Florida on February 8, 2014.   Their love of movies was all around, from the star treatment of their attendees to the names of their reception tables.   The day began at the gorgeous Westin Hotel at Tarpon Bay, where the bride was made ready for her close up.  Then on to a traditional ceremony followed by the after party of the century! I adore these two.  They are not just clients, they are friends.  Seriously!  Tony is a firefighter at the same department as my husband, we all hang out together, and after the " I do."  We officially got to welcome Michelle in to the wives club!  I couldn't have been happier to be a part of their day, be it guest, or photographer. Lucky me, I got to be both!

One of the most wonderful things about their ceremony was the ring exchange.  Not only did Michelle and Tony exchange rings,  they also gave rings to each of their 5 children.  It was a beautiful moment representing the joining of their families as one.   Before Steph chimes in -  Yes, I cried.

Hats off to my ever awesome Right hand woman, Steph Jones for her awesome coverage of this wedding!  She took  on the rest of the reception party after I officially became one of the guests.   As usually, she rocks my socks! Thanks a ton Doll!!!

Now, please enjoy all the awesome that is Tony and Michelle's gorgeous day!


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