Sail Away on the Sweet Liberty


There is something special about living near the ocean.  I get to meet some amazing couples that choose to branch out of their hometowns and have destination weddings. One such couple, is Amanda + Jay.  Amanda and I spent close to a year in contact planning her big day.  We finally met just a couple of days before to walk through the area and plan for her "I Do." Amanda + Jay chose to say "I Do." aboard the Sweet Liberty Catamaran in Naples, FL.  A sunset cruise for two shared by the closest of family and friends.  To tell you it was breath taking would be an understatement.  How perfect to seclude yourselves for such an intimate occasion.  This set of images gives me goosebumps.  The amazing thing about photography is what is captured. Not the people, or the places, but the in between. The nuances, the emotions, that space between two people.  I am not sure I have ever had the opportunity to capture such pure adoration from a Groom to his Bride as Jay to Amanda. Every single woman in the world deserves to be so treasured and adored the way he obviously does her.

A couple of the images are of their "first dance" on the boat, however it was impromptu and not what would have been Amanda's song of choice - a Ray LaMontagne song that I forget the name of now - but a sweet memory nonetheless as Jay sang to her the whole time. Honestly, the two of them are so sweet and humble and perfectly matched, I can only imagine there will be many many years of memories as sweet. Congratulations again you two!

And- Thank You to the crew of the Sweet Liberty in Naples, FL for being so amazing and creating such a special day for the couple! You guys are awesome!!!!!



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