Showcase: The Touch Album

For anyone who knows me, they know 1. I like to march to the beat of my own drum, and 2. My wardrobe is monochromatic, Black is my favorite color to wear. At all times. Always. 

This featured album was probably best described by Karen over at the studio, as I was showing her the client order.  "That's you, in an album. It's the BPP album." 

She was on to something. 

The Touch Album is sleek, it is sexy (neither of those words I use to describe myself), and it comes only in BLACK.  But this isn't some hum drum album. 

Touch is dressed in pure sophistication.  Edgy with it's glam embossing.  Have you seen the svelte manicure of matte black with glossy black tips? The textures create the visual interest. 

That is Touch.   

The soft matte material of the cover base, creates this warm inviting, "have a feel" surface.  Think of that gorgeously embossed element as her jewelry. Everything working in sync. 

Touch also has a sexy little secret, go ahead, open her, take a peek.....

See that? That's a gorgeously monogrammed cover page.  Front and back.  Just for you. 

While I of course love Touch as a wedding album, wouldn't she be quite the minx as a boudoir album?

What do you think?

Brooke Price

One seriously quirky wedding photographer who is entirely smitten with out of the box celebrations focusing on the emotions and not the details.