Showcase: The Suede Album

 Everyone knows I love a good food analogy.  No seriously. I describe everything like it is food. So, why not the new suede album that BPP is carrying?

The Suede Album is warm and inviting. Like a sinfully wonderful dessert.  That gorgeous cover begs to be touched, you want to pick it up, you want to see what is inside.  

The in house sample, which you can check out at the studio, The Perfect Match, starts with the storage box.   This clam shell style case, protects your album as well as elevates the luxury experience. Monogrammed and printed exactly like the album within, the box allows you to enjoy the aesthetic of your album without having to worry about any damage to the album cover itself. 

Sturdy lay flat pages, artisan bindings, and the decadent texture to the silk paper up the ante for an album that becomes as much of a conversation as the images it holds.  The silk paper provides rich color rendering. The bright shades pop off the pages, and the blacks are deep and inviting. The subtle texture to the paper adds even more to the sensory experience. 

The Suede Album is available in 8 colors (I fell in love with this pistachio green, that paired perfectly with THIS wedding) with 4 monogram options making it versatile for a host of tastes and events.  You can pop in to view the new suede album at our studio Mon - Fri 10am to 4pm, or schedule an appointment with me directly HERE.

Brooke Price

One seriously quirky wedding photographer who is entirely smitten with out of the box celebrations focusing on the emotions and not the details.