Merry Christmas!


christmas tree, tis the season, merry christmas 2014Oh my. What a year.  I had this amazing plan to execute this super great family photo of my crew.  I even had the  Christmas card designed.  One version for the studio for sending to clients, the other for family and friend.   But, guess what?? My poor family has been terribly sick for many many days.  Just now we are starting to feel better, even if a less than terrific cough is hanging around. But, at least it is in time to truly enjoy the next two days spent with family, laughing, enjoying meals and being together.  It was my fear that we would still be quarantined away from everyone.  So, although it is not the images I had planned.  Or the card design for that matter.  I wanted to share how, even in chaos, there is blessings.

We are together.  Our health, it is on the mend and we will have our time spent cherishing the memories made over the next couple of days.

A family photo can happen another day.  And trust me, it will. :)

So here is my "stand in" Holiday greeting, with the back of the card design for the clients.   Thank you all so very much for continuing to support BPP! It means more than you will ever know!




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