Focus On Engagement Sessions

A comprehensive guide to engagement sessions and why they're so valuable.

Everyone thinks of the wedding photography, but a valuable aspect of the celebration to the wedding is the engagement season leading up to your special day.  Today's blog post is just a few reasons on why an engagement session is a brilliant idea for you! 


reason one


Believe it or not, you'll probably be using those engagement photos over and over again before the big day arrives. Our clients love sending out photo-laced Save The Date cards or using their images for their wedding website.  Other clients actually incorporate engagement images into their wedding invitation suite! We've also created wedding sign-in albums for clients with engagement photos in them.  And even large canvases for signing.  Some of our clients even choose to display their engagement photos in frames either in the venue greeting guests arriving to the wedding, or on the reception tables as part of their table designs. However you choose to dress up your wedding stationary, we're almost sure you'll find multiple uses for these fun, casual photographs. 


reason two


When your big day arrives, some couples may be nervous about being in front of the lens. Having an engagement session beforehand is a great way for us to get to know each other and practice working together.  Our portfolio is filled with couples like you, who are enjoying their time together. Relaxed with one another. Part of that confidence and natural interaction you see is from being comfortable in front of the camera.  Your engagement session allows you both to familiarize yourself with how we work to get you those amazing "all the feels" images you've come to expect from BPP. You'll feel more confident for your wedding photos, and know exactly what to expect when working with us on your wedding day. 


reason three


In your engagement session, anything goes!  We highly encourage every kind of self-expression, including fashion taste, favorite colors, hobbies, special locations, and anything else that's unique to you as a couple. Sometimes couples choose locations where the proposal took place, others a favorite bar or outdoor spot. We encourage you to incorporate props, pets, hobbies, or anything else that's special to you! We love getting creative and having clients bring their own creative ideas into their engagement session. 


reason four


In your unique story of "YOU", the engagement chapter is just as important as the wedding day itself.  It's the promise. The point where you said to one another, "I choose you."  We think that deserves to be shown as much joy and attention as the rest of your major life events!  In the chapters of your life together, this is Chapter One.  Your engagement photos are another valuable narrative for your future family.  Besides announcing your upcoming wedding, your photos will be among some of the first that decorate your walls turning your house into a home and being daily reminders of the love you share.  And we think that's pretty special. 




Brooke Price

One seriously quirky wedding photographer who is entirely smitten with out of the box celebrations focusing on the emotions and not the details.