Rustic Engagment discussing a Zombie Apocoplypse

2 minutes.  2 minutes was all it took during the very first phone call I answered from Rene to know we were kindred spirits.  That first call lasted nearly  two hours.  The last 10 minutes was discussing wedding details.   So, from a Hi how are you to zombies, to rustic charm and feel good atmosphere, I KNEW I really, really wanted to work with her and the awesome guy who stole her heart! In the couple of months from booking to setting up engagement pictures, Rene and I have become full on social media stalkers  friends.   We're FB friends, and Pinterest buddies, oh, and Walking Dead Fanatics.    Zombies, people.  We are seriously talking about zombies!  Oh yes, it will be epic!

My heart goes out to Brian, Rene's other half. Rene and I joke that we feed off one another's flavor of crazy. He was a trooper for the engagement pics, even if he confessed, he was there for her to make her happy.   I have never laughed so much with one couple.  These two.  *sigh*     They compliment each other perfectly.  Her boisterous laugh,  his quiet strength.   For all the differences one common thread that ties them all together,  their own brand of quirky love and how smitten they truly are with one another.

So, on the Saturday after Valentine's Day, these lovebirds flew the coop to tromp around Koreshan State Park with me, and I'm so very glad they did!    I can not wait for the wedding in October!!!


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