Of Love and Country, Fort Myers Florida Engagement Photography


So, I would be lying if I said that I have been secretly jealous of all these other photographers who have had the opportunity to photograph an engagement session with one of the participants being in uniform.   A good friend of mine did a session last year and as I looked through her images, all I could think was, I want my own military session.  Well, I got it!  Engagement photography is one of my favorites and we took advantage of a few local locations in Fort Myers Florida for this one.  Including the use of a horse farm thanks to a very generous family member of mine! ( Thank You again Kelly!) Megan and Tyler have a super sweet story that I just couldn't do justice on my own of retelling, so I'll let Megan do it in her own words.

Tyler and I went to the same high school, Estero High. Tyler was one grade ahead of me. We had mutual friends and knew of each other during our time in high school but never hung out alone. His best friend, Patrick, used to give me rides to school every day and one day when Patrick’s car broke down, Tyler gave us all a ride to school. But, Tyler has no recollection of this morning.

As years passed, we both graduated and went off to college. Tyler decided to join the Marine Corps after finishing his first year of college. He came home from Pensacola on annual leave in February of 2014 before he was moved to his unit, where he would begin his real job in the Marine Corps as a flight equipment technician. My best friend, Emma, was currently and still is, in a relationship with one of Tyler’s good friends, Dylan. Emma had invited me to meet at Tyler’s house before we went out to the bar to have our girl’s night out. From the moment I saw him again in his house, I knew he was going to be mine. I had this feeling that I never felt before. Every woman in my family had told me in previous years that I would know within the first five minutes of talking to a man if I were to marry him or not.

Tyler’s leave ended very quickly and had to go back to base in Jacksonville, North Carolina. I was very upset that I only had a few days with him before he had to go back, but that’s part of being with a man in the military. We talked every single day, for almost all of the day until I saw his face again in May of 2014. When he was home, we never left each others sight. We adapted very quickly to him leaving for a few months at a time and coming home for only a short period of time. We also got used to only being able to see each other on Face Time.

Tyler came home again for Thanksgiving of 2014 and I never caught on to any of his plans. He took me shopping on Black Friday at midnight, he took me shopping the next morning, he took me to get my nails done, all which was normal. We went out to dinner to our favorite restaurant, Carabba’s, which again was normal. While we were finishing eating at Carabba’s, our server came to our table to tell us that Matt would like to buy us dessert. Well, my step-brother’s name is Matt so I got up and started looking for him but I couldn’t see him in the restaurant, so I was quite confused who Matt was until the waiter came back around to inform me that it was the manager. I sat there and thought, “What did we deserve to get a free dessert?” Next thing I know Tyler is scooting his way out of the booth and the server gave him a plate, which Tyler then passed to me. The plate had four chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite) and in red icing it read, “Will you marry me?” Tyler got down one knee and of course I said yes!

All the best to these two! It was such a pleasure to meet them both and to get to record this chapter in their love story!



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