Showcase: The Touch Album

For anyone who knows me, they know 1. I like to march to the beat of my own drum, and 2. My wardrobe is monochromatic, Black is my favorite color to wear. At all times. Always. 

This featured album was probably best described by Karen over at the studio, as I was showing her the client order.  "That's you, in an album. It's the BPP album." 

She was on to something. 

The Touch Album is sleek, it is sexy (neither of those words I use to describe myself), and it comes only in BLACK.  But this isn't some hum drum album. 

Touch is dressed in pure sophistication.  Edgy with it's glam embossing.  Have you seen the svelte manicure of matte black with glossy black tips? The textures create the visual interest. 

That is Touch.   

The soft matte material of the cover base, creates this warm inviting, "have a feel" surface.  Think of that gorgeously embossed element as her jewelry. Everything working in sync. 

Touch also has a sexy little secret, go ahead, open her, take a peek.....

See that? That's a gorgeously monogrammed cover page.  Front and back.  Just for you. 

While I of course love Touch as a wedding album, wouldn't she be quite the minx as a boudoir album?

What do you think?

Showcase: The Suede Album

 Everyone knows I love a good food analogy.  No seriously. I describe everything like it is food. So, why not the new suede album that BPP is carrying?

The Suede Album is warm and inviting. Like a sinfully wonderful dessert.  That gorgeous cover begs to be touched, you want to pick it up, you want to see what is inside.  

The in house sample, which you can check out at the studio, The Perfect Match, starts with the storage box.   This clam shell style case, protects your album as well as elevates the luxury experience. Monogrammed and printed exactly like the album within, the box allows you to enjoy the aesthetic of your album without having to worry about any damage to the album cover itself. 

Sturdy lay flat pages, artisan bindings, and the decadent texture to the silk paper up the ante for an album that becomes as much of a conversation as the images it holds.  The silk paper provides rich color rendering. The bright shades pop off the pages, and the blacks are deep and inviting. The subtle texture to the paper adds even more to the sensory experience. 

The Suede Album is available in 8 colors (I fell in love with this pistachio green, that paired perfectly with THIS wedding) with 4 monogram options making it versatile for a host of tastes and events.  You can pop in to view the new suede album at our studio Mon - Fri 10am to 4pm, or schedule an appointment with me directly HERE.

Merry Christmas!


christmas tree, tis the season, merry christmas 2014Oh my. What a year.  I had this amazing plan to execute this super great family photo of my crew.  I even had the  Christmas card designed.  One version for the studio for sending to clients, the other for family and friend.   But, guess what?? My poor family has been terribly sick for many many days.  Just now we are starting to feel better, even if a less than terrific cough is hanging around. But, at least it is in time to truly enjoy the next two days spent with family, laughing, enjoying meals and being together.  It was my fear that we would still be quarantined away from everyone.  So, although it is not the images I had planned.  Or the card design for that matter.  I wanted to share how, even in chaos, there is blessings.

We are together.  Our health, it is on the mend and we will have our time spent cherishing the memories made over the next couple of days.

A family photo can happen another day.  And trust me, it will. :)

So here is my "stand in" Holiday greeting, with the back of the card design for the clients.   Thank you all so very much for continuing to support BPP! It means more than you will ever know!



Favorite Things: My Wedding Forms

Hey There! I thought I would start a little series of my Favorite things.  This is more so going to be for the other photographers out there.   My first item is crucial to my Wedding workflow.

It is my Forms!  My contract, questionnaires, shot list, etc.

I personally use the Forms provided by Design Aglow.   I don't know if I can sing the praises of Design Aglow nearly enough.  Everything is clean, beautiful, well written and really polishes my image.   I did choose to have my contracts reviewed to insure that all clauses will apply in my operating state.  This is a step you should make sure you follow through on.  No contract, no matter how well written should be taken for face value.  It should be reviewed by your lawyer.  Protect You, Protect Your Client!

I am a big fan of going "Paperless", so I use my forms either as interactive PDFs, or I also have a Mach Forms account where I set up the forms to be filled out directly from here on the website.  The only bad thing about the Mach Forms, is you can't see how pretty they are! LOL

My clients have reported back how they love that the questionnaires are so thorough, and that the contract didn't leave them guessing about policies and procedures.  I advise everyone of you to take a look at these and I highly recommend implementing them into your own business!

You can click any of the images to check the items out for yourself on the Design Aglow website!