Annamarie + Alexis: Bonita Springs, FL Engagement

What if....  your story started before the ring and the dress?  What would it look like if you brought a shared love and respect of years of being there for one another to your engagement session? The kind of unconditional strength and belief in one another that comes from making a home, raising babies, supporting dreams.  What would it look like if your engagement session was just one more promise?  

It would probably look a whole lot like these two amazing humans.  

Because nothing makes you more comfortable with someone than already knowing every facet of a life with them.  And guess what? It's pretty awesome to get a couple of hours away from those precious growing babies to snuggle up with your hottie. Just ask Alexis. :) 

To say I'm looking forward to the wedding of these two this Fall is an understatement.  I can't wait to celebrate with them and their family! 


Brooke Price

One seriously quirky wedding photographer who is entirely smitten with out of the box celebrations focusing on the emotions and not the details.