Allie, John, + The Flight of Floyd

Where do I even begin with this amazing couple?  The two of them embody laughter and warmth. So many amazing little quirks appear in their destination wedding that was held at La Playa resort  in Naples, FL.

Tiny pineapples in the bouquet and boutonnière.  Sunglasses for All! For the guests.  The mismatched but perfectly coordinated dresses of the bridesmaids, and of course, Floyd.  Floyd the 3ft inflatable flamingo who became the unofficial wedding mascot.  

The decadent Key Lime Pie cake (are you kidding me! so amazing!)

I adored this destination wedding for the fun and joy that the entire group brought to it and for Floyd, because having a flamingo at your wedding is pretty awesome.

This post is so photo heavy for the photographer picks, please click on each photo to see it larger.  


Brooke Price

One seriously quirky wedding photographer who is entirely smitten with out of the box celebrations focusing on the emotions and not the details.