It's been 7 years since starting Brooke Price Photography.  In those years, I have learned - A LOT, to say the least.  From starting as a 'natural light' photographer, to getting over my fear of lighting gear and learning the ropes. I've tried nearly every avenue of portraiture. And obviously, settled into Weddings as that is where my heart is.  

It has been a long time coming, but I'm happy to say that BPP is now offering mentoring services.  

I field roughly 15-20 inquiries a month requesting anything from answers to questions, to in depth requests for specific business aspects or shooting techniques.  Now, you can get access to ME what I know, and what I do.  And you can get it at your pace - your way.  

I'll be offering 3 types of mentorships.  These 1:1 mentorships are best suited for those who have been in business for 3 years or less, or find themselves in a loop of 'What do I do next?'.   These will be available, online, or for the most in depth, an in person live shooting opportunity. 

I can't wait to hear from you and help you to achieve your photography goals!! 

©Zee Anna Photography

©Zee Anna Photography

1:1 - 2 day, with hands on shooting.  $1350

With a 1:1- 2 day mentorship, you'll have an opportunity to not only pick apart my brain on all things business and photography related, but you'll also have the chance to shoot in real time with a model or model couple. I'll help you every step of the way, even into post production.  This  experience happens in my home area primarily, however, I love to travel! We can always discuss my coming to you in your home environment.  Travel fees will apply. 

©Zee Anna Photography

©Zee Anna Photography

1:1 - 1 day with shooting.  $900

Your opportunity to spend a day with me, picking my brain, hands on shooting with a model or model couple.  We can focus in on specifics you are struggling with, or touch on a few key things you need help figuring out.  I'm completely open to you!  This experience happens in my home area.  

©Zee Anna Photography

©Zee Anna Photography

1:1 - Online or In Person 3 hr sessions. $350

If you can't quite make it in for a shooting experience, or feel the practical application aspect doesn't quite suit your needs, this is the 1:1 for you.  You have my undivided attention for 3 full hours where we can pour over every detail you would like!  Ask any questions you may have. We'll view your portfolio, look at your social media, and discuss your goals and focuses along with business and photography aspects you are struggling with.   These sessions can happen in person locally, or by Skype/FaceTime/Google hangouts if you reside outside of my home area. 

The goal of the 1:1's is to provide you a realtime opportunity to sit with a seasoned photographer.  Get access to the questions you've had, get direction for the areas you are struggling with, and help to build a sense of community over competition in this growing occupation.   We've all been there, where asking another photographer what seemed like a small question was met with some skepticism and opposition.  I'm here for you. You take control of these 1:1's customizing them to your needs.  

Feel free to use the contact form below to schedule a 1:1, and I look forward to meeting and hanging out with you!