©Zee Anna Photography

©Zee Anna Photography


Hi!! I'm Brooke... 

I live in Southwest Florida with my husband, our two amazing little people, and a grumpy cat named Loki. Of my many quirky attributes: I prefer Starbucks to DD. I collect Classic Horror Literature. I prefer Action and Drama in my films. I'm Marvel Universe, not DC. (But man did I love Suicide Squad.) Huge fan of the t.v. series' The Walking Dead, Vikings, and Game of Thrones. I have a Pottermore account. (shout out to my fellow Slytherin!) and ,  I am a wedding photographer who does NOT have her own wedding photos displayed.


Your Story is Amazing, Your Images Should Be Too.....

It's important to me, that you have an amazing experience to match your amazing images in this chapter of your story. So, whether you are planning your destination wedding in my home area of Southwest Florida, or across the United States or even Europe, I'm looking forward to chatting with you!   Each and every wedding is unique, because of that I love to chat with you so that I can help to customize the perfect collection for your needs. We'll go over some curated collections in our chat and work on building them into the perfect fit for your unique event.  I'm so excited for you both, and I can not wait to get to know you better!