I fell in love with documenting the stories of couples like yourself, when I realized I never wanted anyone else to feel the way my husband and I do about our own wedding images. We describe them as "really nice pictures of other people",  nothing feels authentic about them.


©Zee Anna Photography

©Zee Anna Photography

My work became more than a pretty picture. 

So, I learned my craft, and I continue to grow and learn with each passing year. Surrounding myself with mentors, attending workshops, conferences, and seminars.  In the 7 years that I have been in business, the images I create have evolved into a breathing representation of my clients, the amazing individuals they surround themselves with, and their unique story. My style is documentary with an artistic flare.  I don't enjoy overly posed moments, or too many "smile for the camera" images. I love shadows and cloudy beaches. I love hearing from my clients that, "You just got us! That's exactly who we are together!" But mostly, I love creating amazing moments for my clients to display in their homes and enjoy with their families. I want you to love your images. I want you to print them. I want you to share them!

I love that I get to share in the joy of my clients and do something that I love so much, because I truly have the best job in the world! I get to live in the sunshine state, but I have had the opportunity to photograph across the US and even in Ireland because I chose this career. Travel has become one of my absolute favorite aspects! 

It means a lot to me that you've taken the time to hang out here and learn a bit more about me.  I look forward to meeting you and hearing all about your story and your wedding day!